Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kristin + Tom

I've been excited to shoot Kristin's wedding since the day she reached out to me. One, her venue is absolutely stunning. The backdrop to these photos were gorgeous and the day turned out perfect, minus are encounter with a rattlesnake and my encounter with chiggers, but that's for another post :) Kristin and Tom's wedding was full of amazing details and I loved all the choices she made. Jessica of Sky Photography and I found ourselves walking around staring at the details just in awe before we realized we needed to pick up the camera and start shooting. It's always nice to get a wedding where every little detail all comes together flawlessly for the camera. This one was one of those weddings. Enjoy!

Nicole + Ray

Nicole has been my friend all the way back to middle school days. I was ecstatic when an opportunity opened up and I was able to be at her wedding behind the camera photographing it. It was nice to travel down memory lane for a few hours and see her and the rest of her family. Nicole and Ray's wedding was flawless, minus the very little rain we did get. Rains good luck, right? Although what you won't see in pics is Nicole running barefoot through the parking lot to avoid the rain after her bride/groom shots. I can still remember her clearly whipping off the shoes and making a mad dash ;) Congratulations Nicole and Ray, I'm glad I was able to be a part of your day and wish you many, many years of happiness. Now get making some babies so we can photograph them, too :)


Ok, so I'm a little behind in posting...ok, maybe a lot behind. My excuse? Moving 650 miles from Charlotte, NC to Michigan. I'm missing Charlotte, but am loving all the shooting opportunities with my good friend, Jessica, I get while being in Michigan. We frequently second for each other's weddings and when I was in town (before I got the job and knew I'd be moving :)) we wanted another opportunity to share time behind the camera. This is what started our now known "mini-sessions." Mini-sessions are when we offer a one or two day event where we can discount rates for clients to come out and have a photo session. Our first one together was a success. We booked the entire day and it seemed to go off without a hitch. Flawless so this has now started a series, which I'll get to in a later post. But for now enjoy some of my favorites from the June mini-session :)