Saturday, June 29, 2013

Renee + Johnny

I've known Renee since we were young kids and am so glad that she asked me to photograph her wedding. I actually did her engagement photos last fall as well. Her wedding was held at Crystal Gardens in Howell, MI and was a perfect backdrop for their wedding. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Emily's Dance Recital

Meet my adorable, rambunctious and silly five (almost six) year old niece, Emily. She is always the shy girl until she warms up to you and then you better watch out as she will outdo you in the world's best pig noise rendition or reciting the alphabet backwards, which she can do with ease :) This little girl has won my heart and I was so excited to be invited to see her on stage this year as I missed it last year. You can see the shy Emily and the spunky one mixed throughout these photos. Love her to pieces!! 

Jenny + Brian

I've had Jenny and Brian's wedding date circled on my calendar for well over a year so when the date actually came I was eager to start shooting. A mid-April wedding with no leaves on the tree left me stumped, but this wedding party didn't mind a little brisk cold. The bride's sister was a good friend of mine so I felt like I was part of the group. Such a fun group to shoot!

Amanda + William E-Session

Amanda and I took a math class together back in high school and have stayed in touch ever since. I was honored when she asked me to photograph engagement photos for her and William. They both decided to do the session at the boat house on Eastern Michigan's campus where they actually met. It's hard to tell its actually middle of spring in this photo, but the cold weather didn't stop them. Here is my favorite photo from the day.