Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heather & Scott

I've known Heather since high school and was honored when she approached me a few months back to be her wedding photographer. Her wedding isn't until June 2011, but when I found out we would both be in Michigan over the holidays I convinced her and her fiance to do an engagement shoot outside. We were all a little skeptical and it was a chilly 25 degrees out on the shoot date, but they turned out fantastic. Here is a preview of their snow shoot!

Miss Bella

I had the pleasure of shooting Bella at her home over the Holidays. She is one energetic little girl, but we got some really cute shots!


Meet Sharla, she is a cute, adorable 4 month old. I went to high school with her mom, Berkeley, and jumped at the opportunity to get a few shots of Sharla in. Enjoy!